Our art form; we work tirelessly with our clients to ensure that they get the most out of their coffee. Our coffee  is a broad spectrum arsenal, composed of numerous origins, blends and roast intensities. As well as the custom blend, for those that seek an exclusive, unique offering in today's increasingly competitive industry.


Customer pride and satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Hence, close collaboration and  communication is at the core of our approach. Consequently, regular cupping sessions,  ‘dialling in’ training and ongoing open dialogue regarding origin availability and sourcing.



A product is a mere product, if there is no relationship behind it. Our ethos is that customer connection and communication is at the centre of all our decisions. Every MIO team member is key component to serving customers and optimising that relationship; be it over the phone, via email or more frequently face to face, behind the machine or at our roastery.

We work closely with our customers by supporting and promoting their business to the best of our ability. Questions, no matter how technical can be answered with just a phone call or sometimes, if need be, a facetime. Our roastery is always open and welcoming of all. Our house - is yours - we love to engage and welcome all to the inner sanctum, to see where the passion lives and where the magic happens!



Coffee MIO’s dedicated coffee trainers are experts in their craft. At the end of the day, the success and quality of the final product, the coffee in your cup, hinges on the skill of the maker.

With many cumulative years behind a bar, or in the behind the scenes at the roastery, MIO’s training team value a hands-on approach to educating those who seek to improve and learn.

Espresso and Milk Texturing Masterclasses are the foundation of our training programs, designed to emphasise a strong focus on consistency, cleanliness, fluidity and speed in the work environment.

All sessions are held with a maximum of five participants per class, be it onsite or in MIO’s training hub. Courses are free of charge to MIO’s valued wholesale clientele, with classes often being held over numerous sessions, in order to continue to build upon a previous gathering’s topics.



The tools of the trade a crucial element in ensuring that a final product, is up to MIO standard. The provision and upkeep of espresso making equipment is extremely important; that’s why we invest the time in our own inhouse Service Division. This close-knit team of mechanically and electrically minded, coffee junkies, serve to repair, maintain and troubleshoot machines and grinders – the MIO way. Extensively well-kept records, unsolicited preventative maintenance schedules and emergency call out hotlines are all a part of ensuring that your coffee is at MIO quality standards.

We recommend and service a wide variety of manufacturers including Gaggia, La Marzocco, Slayer, Expobar and Synesso. Consequently, with many years of machinery knowledge, as well as a thorough understanding of how equipment interacts with coffee and quality, we are confident we can go above and beyond satisfying your equipment needs and dreams.